Social Worker coming soon! We are currently in the process of preparing the staff and the services to deliver social work. Please keep yourself posted by visiting our website frequently.

Reliance Homecare Agency, Inc. is dedicated to crafting health care services that are patient-centered and family-centered. To do so, we enlist the help of social workers whose primary role is to coordinate care services and guide the patient through a health crisis.

It is important for care plans to be holistic, practical, and affordable. Social Workers form part of our team because they have the most experience in ensuring that such qualities are met in the development of the patient’s care plan.

Social Workers can also recommend alternative living arrangements and foster care programs. They are adept with functions that involve supportive case work, rehabilitation guidance and support, community resource planning, grief counseling, and other related functions.

If you wish to speak to one of our social workers, please call 267-930-3281.